September 16, 2001

TO: Malcolm White
Mississippi Telecommunications Conference and Training Commission

SUBJECT: Letter for Governer to send to Kermit the Frog

The following letter may sound a little naïve given recent events, but I believe that increased global communication is the only effective way to deal with the root causes of terrorism. Terrorism is a form of expression. It is designed to frighten and intimidate. We can counter this with forms of expression that communicates, collaborates and trades globally.

My granddaughters will grow up in Mississippi and I hope they will be able to be citizens not only of Mississippi but also of a world community at peace.

/ / - - - - - - - - p l e a s

I was listening to Kermit singing "The Rainbow Connection" as I watched to the planes crashing into the World Trade Center, over and over and over. Thinking about the "lovers and dreamers" as I wrote this letter made a huge difference in how I reacted to the event.

(a midi file and the lyrics at *see footnote


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Office of the Governer
State of Mississippi

Dear Kermit,

On behalf of the lovers and dreamers of your home state of Mississippi , I ask for your assistance to help us move Mississippi into the twenty first century.

A group of your fellow Mississippians is in the programming (preplanning) stage of creating a state of the art public telecommunications center in Jackson. We would like you to spearhead a team of imagineers to use the creation of this building as an opportunity to create a public information system for the State of Mississippi. Not just as a spokesfrog but as a technical advisor for the project.

The team can be virtual so that we can hold meetings asynchronously on the web. The attached vision statement will give you an idea of the way we hope to go.

Please, come and play with our children and help us find in Mississippi a world filled with warmth and wonder.

Signature by Governor ( plus - Lt Governor, others ?)

Attached document - Vision Draft



”When I was young, my ambition was to be one of the people who made a difference in this world. My hope still is to leave the world a little bit better for my having been here.” -Jim Henson

Use the governors fanciest ceremonial envelope addressed to Kermit the Frog or Brain Henson…….. have the governors assistant call the number below and ask how to mail directly to Brian Henson. - Let them know it’s coming.

The Jim Henson Company
117 East 69th Street
New York , NY 10021
Phone: (212) 794-2400

Brian Henson’s bio is at click on company executives.

*footnote - July 19, 2004 - when I wrote this letter (0/11/04) Henson's original recording was available from the Henson web site. Since Disney bought the Henson company it is no longer available for download.