Smart City From the Smart City Project


The following fantasy was written for the City Council and the Cable Advisory Committee in a effort to help them understand what we saw as the near future in the best of all possible worlds. The cable franchise was written to enbable this fantasy and was the the best hope for putting them into practice. Times have changed, but the chance to make San Antonio a smart city remains.

Pleas McNeel, October, 1988

In the not so distant future. On a happy day.

The San Antonio area is a contributing participant to mainstream American culture. The region is wired by friendly cable companies. Civic minded media professionals are working closely with community groups. The region is alive with creativity.

Electronic democracy is working.

A group of southsiders are at the zoning commission, discussing the proper placement of a series of community vegetable gardens in the Salado creek watershed. They are watching a computer generated three dimensional map. It is zoomed in on the terrain in question and is showing the effects of a fifty year flood. The map is in the Regional Data Base. Many interested citizens are watching on cable channel 5.

Over at the Guadalupe Theater, they are getting ready for a dress rehearsal for tomorrow nights premier. The acting company and video crew are polishing the blocking of the play, written by a carpenter from the neighborhood. The play will be cable cast in San Antonio and distributed to major southwest markets by satellite. A producer in California will be watching. He has some money and is looking for a fresh Hispanic property.